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What is Website some details sm web

By Sm Web some explaination about What is Website details about web.

What is Website
What is Website Web site is a collection of related World Wide Web home including the startup file (WWW) file called the page. How can a company or an individual tells you how to provide the address of their home page to get to their website. 
On the home page you can navigate to any other page on your site. For example, the Sm web in web site has a home page on the http://www.smwebin.com. As in the home page address is actually the case of sm web in , when you set the standard default name. Even if the user does not enter a file name, but contain a specific file name, such as index.html. Sm web in home page address thousands of leads. (However, the website can be a few pages.
What is Website is from Since the site means the geographic location, it may be confused with the web server of the website. The server is a computer that holds the file in the one or more sites. Very large website may be distributed across multiple servers in different geographical locations. Smwebin is a good example: Its web site consists of thousands of files on multiple servers distributed around the world. However, a typical example is probably the site you smwebin.com, watching. We reside on the server and the number of available commercial space for other sites that do not have anything to do with the Internet Glossary companies.
Synonyms and frequently used term for the Web site “web presence”. The term to express the idea that a better site’re not tied to a specific area gatjimanneun “somewhere in cyberspace.” However, the web site as sm web in seems to be used more frequently.
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