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Best Makeup Artists of Pakistan Ever

Best makeup artists of Pakistan

Best Makeup Artists of Pakistan
Best Makeup Artists of Pakistan demand for makeup artist and makeup salon. As Pakistan and expand the world of fashion comes at the same time bring the following improvements have been so much higher among women. If you will look around you will find a kind of beauty salon open every single road. However, only one does the best artists and salon has the experience and the best technology in the field work.
Do you know what the best makeup artists are found in the top 10 in Pakistan? If you do not give up, and then click the mouse and scroll down the list of popular action and take the best makeup artists in Pakistan:
  • Shahzad Raza (Athar Shahzad Studios)
  • Maryam Khawaja
  • Saba Ansari
  • Uzma Salon
  • Tariq Amin
  • Madeeha
  • Akif Ilyas
  • Allenora
  • Depilex
  • Nabila

Shahzad Raza (Atar Shahzad Studios)

We are located in five of the leading names Atar Shahzad studio! The studio is run by the famous Atar Shahzad! He performed over the make-up and also shows shots of many models, including fashion and. He has been honored many times for his significant work in the fashion world. Shahzad studio address is as follows:
Address: C, Block P, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mariam Khawaja
We are in the name of Maryam Khawaja, not the last! She is one of the best makeup artists that exist in Pakistan without a doubt. She linked up with the past few years. She has been involved in giving up the excellent service and superior incredibly surprised at the number of women in other packages and bridal party, Mendi make-up and cosmetic appearance.
Akif Ilyas
We have 10 digits in the name of the talented Puerto Aki Ilyas! He is one of only two makeup artists travel the height of fame and fortune success in minimal time career. In addition, he is also a make-up artist, he is one of the most famous photographers took part in the photo shoot and perform for other famous fashion brands. He put his first steps in the field Since the 90s, Aki Ilyas Puerto is a very young make-up artist. He is a Karachi-based makeup artist. His make-up salon address is as follows:
Address: 4-A II / I, Khayaban – Electronic Behria, stage IV, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan, 75 500
Tarik Amin
Tariq Amin of the following make-up artists famous and popular in Pakistan. He linked up with the fashion world for the last 25 years in places of Islamabad. He was the kind of complete overhaul his second exceed their special place in the fashion planet since. He always wanted to in his most fashion universe created each one and this time give it the versatility to make their appearance. Tariq amine Salon address is as follows:
Address: 122, distance (11), E-7, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Saba Ansari

Saba Ansari is in eighth place in our list! She runs a hair salon in the name of the salon SABS in Karachi. Since 2001 she has been running a beauty salon with a full team of professional years. SABS salon is now known as one of the biggest beauty salon in Karachi. SABS Salon address is as follows:
Address: 4-C, Luke Heights, 36 Commercial Street, Tauheed commercial area, five steps DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.


Allenora is run by a talented director Annie Mansour by default! She is one of the famous makeup artist Pakistan. She has been working in this field in the last few years. She is a Lahore-based makeup artist, her name is Alessandro salon, hair salon Nora. Annie Mansour has outstanding more than 22 years of experience in this field. Allenora address is as follows:
Address: Headquarters / 86-B-II, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan, 54000
We have the names of Depliex coming next! The salon is run by a reputable Mussarat Mishab! She has to do with the field work in the last few years. She has set up his own salon in the name of Depilex salon. Mussarat Misbah is a hairdresser in the top list in Islamabad. Depilex salon address is as follows:
Address: H number 09-B, Street 32, F-1-minute 8, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Uzma Salon
We have reached a point four big names in just a little time to have a career in the name of Uzma Beauty Salon. The salon is run by a talented Uzma perfect sense seems to give the best bridal party, Mendi makeup makeup.
It has been added to the name of our three digits Nabila! The salon is one of the best makeup artists want and need, without a doubt. Just like Atar Shahzad Nabila studio it is also involved in giving away your services for the fashion show and make-up. The makeup artist is awarded so many awards.


In the second place, we are one of the favorite among modern women of today are Madeeha has added his name. It was a new set of barbershops Madeeha. They offer their services in the abandoned bride, parties, make-up and show up Mendy.

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