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Blood circulatory Masager Machine of Tiens BCM

Blood circulatory massager machine of Tiens company

Blood circulatory massager machine of Tiens
Blood circulatory massager all when the reflection point and restore the circulation of lymph and blood. Great exercise equipment. To promote proper way to a healthy body, we are proud to introduce medical devices, blood circulatory massager. It will be the center of research based on the discovery in the year.
The health-promoting blood circulation massager uses metabolism, immune function, and increase the long term, promote blood circulation, the feet and the palms, reflecting the high frequency vibration massage points below to improve your health and fitness. It works in the blood, bone, muscle and nerve to affect any organ. Frequency helps to smooth all obstacles in order to increase the blood flow velocity to energize, relax, harmonize the internal cycle muscle blood vessels. It combines engineering, and modern self-holographic technology.

Blood circulatory massager functions below.

  1.  Acupressure (Massage)
  2.  blood circulation in the body
  3.  massage
  4. It accumulates in the body and around the arthritic joints, and fight the pain.
  5. Ideal for back and shoulder pain.
  6. It strengthens the immune system.
  7. To cure an acid by preventing urine (uric acid).
  8. Clean the blood vessels.
  9. It stimulates the excretion of waste and toxins.
  10. Take effective control of hypertension.
  11. Effect on heart disease and cardiovascular disease.
  12. Powerful prevention of heart attack.
  13. It helps control the diabetes condition.
  14. It promotes healthy sexuality.
  15. Effective fat burners; It is a good tool for a sagging tummy, waist, weight loss targets around the hips, such as waist circumference.
  16. Effective stress reliever.
  17. Ideal for ACAMPSIA.
  18. Brain and improves blood flow around the body by powerful weapon against stroke.
  19. Angina (chest pain) effective mitigation.
  20. Good (pain in the lower back and legs) for cervical myelopathy.
  21. Very useful for combating insomnia.
  22. Clears blocked vital energy pathways.
  23. Activate the body’s cells.
  24. It helps to relieve constipation.
  25. It acts as a beauty treatment.
We will help to maintain the effective blood flow (via the flow of qi) throughout the body.
Using this method of vibration of the massage a particular ACU points (reflection) may restore the long-term service life is important.
Using the original dither “devices, it will help energize the blood vessels to relax the whole of the muscles, joints, tissues and related bodies.

Blood Circulatory Massager features

Functional and mobile: unlimited available when and where.
Such as standing, sitting, lying down, you can use the squat to step
Simple comfort and convenience: easy to fit modern life.
High frequency, clockwise spring: the best ratio and the principal nature.
Patent with internationally recognized qualifications, it is first class.
Economic: Power consumption fluorescent lamps are; Time-saving; General beauty therapy or massage more affordable; The whole family can use.

Blood circulatory massager perform tests shown below.

This circular massage every 15 minutes, running five miles the same exercise.
The ratio of the blood flow in lower limb arteries improves to 54.4%.
Systolic blood pressure can drop to 11.7%.

Blood circulatory massager not good to use in some cause mentioned below.

Patients with bleeding.
Pacemaker serious heart problems or person to person.
A physiological or pregnant women.
Tuberculosis, or DVT patients. These people had a surgery recently.
People with acute toxic substances or infectious diseases.
People with glaucoma or retinal detachment.

Blood circulatory massager usage rules Below.

Drink a glass of warm water before you use this machine.
Keep a stable and horizontal machine.
Put your foot on the contact plate sits on a raised object and gently. Press all the reflections that applies pressure to the knee.
Temporarily turn off the power. Bend the user that the user is after a few hours and a few knee when standing comfortably wait for the first (Support) Company / she can just stand. Blood circulatory massager can be used in various different postures, if necessary.
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