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Five Famous Restaurants In Karachi

Five famous restaurants in Karachi

Five famous restaurants in Karachi
Five famous restaurants in Karachi Karachi is known as a famous city with lights, delicious food, this image Road, hussainabad food street and port number of hotels, food street we geodaehanga. If you talk about famous restaurants in Karachi, the list but their mood, such as the Grand, environment , there are several restaurants with famous food styles. But I’m writing about the five famous restaurant in Karachi. The restaurant is portrayed in the culture and traditions of Pakistan. Let’s check out the following.
1. Kolachi
Kolachi restaurant is one of my favorite famous restaurant in Karachi. Kolachi is famous for beautiful beaches, but to see new restaurants. Kolachi is located on the Mayan Beach Road bridge in the deep. The restaurant is famous for its sea-view terrace and wood-based. The most delicious food in the Kolachi Kolachi Karahi, Lahori fish, Hunza Kabab so much more. It also provides Chinese and Continental food milranogwa Pakistan food court.
Address: Beach Road, Phase 8, Creekside, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan 74000
2. Okra
Okra is another most famous restaurants in Karachi. Okra is a small restaurant in a rustic Mediterranean style. The restaurant was founded in 1999 Okra is famous in high quality and fresh ingredients and hygienic atmosphere. It is famous for its restaurants, but a small gap Karachi delicious food. Okra is also a special food Breseola fresh and smoked trout, a dash of black ink pasta items such as Para and other Kheema Methi. It also offers some of the most delicious bread and olive focaccia.
Address: 12-C, 10H Zamzama Commercial Lane, Dr. -V, DHA, Karachi.
3. Magenta
Jahongsaekneun is a very well-known restaurant in Karachi. It is a popular Thai cuisine restaurant with a stylish modern interior. The restaurant is famous for its delicious food. Jahongsaekneun menu offers salads and hand-wrapped dumplings, curries and stir-fried in the same Thai food. The grilled beef salad, basakga Tama most popular dish in tamarind sauce and a green curry balsaeun magenta domieul.
Address: E-23, lane 2 Commercial, Zamzama, step 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
4. Sakura
Sakura is the only restaurant in Karachi based on Japanese food. It is displayed at the top of the PC Hotel. The restaurant is famous for delicious Japanese style of an old lady. It’s a place where you can go to a good sushi and teppanyaki tables. The restaurant is full of Japanese environmental effects reduce the artists.
Address: Pearl Continental Hotel, Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
5. Cafe Flo famous restaurants in Karachi
Cafe Flo is another most famous restaurants in Karachi. It Karachi agencies. Love in the beautiful atmosphere and the beautiful Terrace Cafe Flo. Cafe Flo cook your favorite restaurant, tereumidoreu lobster, steak DIJONNAISE French onion soup and crepes. There are plenty of details you have to try.
Address: D82 / 1, Block 4, Clifton (off street 26), Karachi, Pakistan 75 600.

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