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Link Between Cancer to Sugar

Link between cancer to sugar

Link Between Cancer to Sugar
Link between cancer to sugar we know. Sugar is everywhere in the modern diet, there is no doubt fatigue, obesity. You can not turn on the TV without any ads of candy, soda and then one ad, or a sweet breakfast cereal. Although many of us have an intuitive sugar or research makes us suspect otherwise, there are plenty of media to convince us. Does high fructose corn sugar is similar to the risk that HFCS “corn of just” advertising claim that all our heads just remember to eat fruit?
This is not the same thing at all, except for the minor detail and high fructose corn content and have a big impact on our body. All calories are not equal, it is especially important to remember that when it comes to sugar. It is the cells of the body will run more efficiently on natural resources such as vegetable and fruit, but it is true that use the “sugar” as a fuel source. I am talking here about the kind of sugar is processed, empty calories. It does not offer anything in the way of nutrition or sustainable energy … but it can take a lot out of your body.
US Sugar is often made from sugar beet and corn. Most of all sugar beet, corn crops are genetically modified.
The anger of that day and the main demographic of young people of the sugar campaign. It is the main source of calories in their diet – sugar intake of children is more than ten times higher than in 1900, nothing good comes out of it is not. As a mother absolutely horrible day when I was a kid, I saw a change in trend in the (not so good).
It should shock me, but the American people do not consume an average of about 170 pounds of sugar each year. In other words, many people have so many different people to eat more (my family and perhaps like you) should eat less meaningful.
Modern medical technology continues to struggle with our disgusting, but you can not solve social problems such as euroyi machines or pills. This is how much we need our meal, which is an assessment of whether doing to our health (as well as sleep, exposure to toxins, some important adjustments of lifestyle factors such as stress) to eat.
The long-term effects of this seemingly innocuous enemies are well-documented. Numerous studies did not show anything, but the risk of sugar on human health, the use of large-scale changes to our food supply. You are always see packed sugar sweet not considered.
Sugar cravings are a scientific basis. In a shocking study in France, Dr. Serge Ahmed offered his mice a choice between table sugar and cocaine. They are just like many of us chose to sugar (as a result of dopamine). You are a “high” feeling good start to crash and get moving again more sugar to get a “high” again.

link between cancer and sugar

Do you know any other love sweets? 
Cancer cells when the sugar molecules attached to proteins in the body, it is called glycosylation. These cells are present in high quantities in most types of cancer. They were identified long ago, the result was ignored because it was thought that even though they are harmless. Scientists recently it was fit the pieces together. It changed everything they know about the sugar cancer connection.
Copenhagen University research team this sugar by-products present in the tumor, it was confirmed that they are actively promoting the growth, as well. By Catherine said Steentoft. Rather, it is a big step forward because it gives us a whole new understanding of what we have worked for many years to identify. It will guide us in the whole field of research into new ways to progress in the fight against cancer.
Simply put, cancer cells grow very well loved and sugar when you eat it.
When you eat sugar (the good and bad), your body produces insulin to regulate the impact on your blood, metabolism and cell growth: why here. More sugar you eat, the more insulin the pancreas must produce.
Eventually, your body does not respond effectively to insulin so your body will be more. This is a condition that can eventually lead to full diabetes, when the pancreas Americans and 70 million people are eventually fail as insulin resistance.
Health and use the hormone insulin allows cancer cells to grow more you are, the more cancer is growing multiply and spread into fuel.
Researchers at Harvard Medical University Cancer Center, 80 percent of all cancers appear to mimic the effects of insulin and mutations. Inhibitors of the insulin produced to be used in cancer treatment protocols currently has focus. To be the incidence of diabetes to the same speed increasing ratio may be part of the reason boindayi.
Ray Juan Carlos university researchers depends only on the glycemic protein identification used by the formation and growth rate of the catenin, cancer cells.
The study is published in Molecular Cell, Custodia Garcia’s team members – was described by Jimenez. We are one of the easiest preventive strategies that can be surprised to realize our changes in metabolism affect our cancer risk from dietary sugar. If you change your diet saving potential pain and a lot of money. We have our I’m getting too much sugar in the diet, there is no doubt. we need to kick the habit for good riding off down the “sugar high.
Experts say prevention is estimated that more than half of the available diagnostic cancer in the world. If you remove the refined sugar in the daily eating plan it is a great step in the right direction. The experts, there are several new ways to fight cancer in 26 countries around the world, and some surprising way to use this virtually unknown in the United States.

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