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What happens after November 2016 Who wins if Trump loses

What happens after November 2016 Who wins if Trump loses?

What happens after November 2016 Who wins if Trump loses
What happens after November 2016 Who wins if Trump loses may regardless of whether or Hillary Trump input, the United States is a country sensitive. Trump to measure the way to change the landscape of American politics, he is important to do on November 9th. Suppose he loses the election, eventually (probably made the allegations after a legal challenge of the election operation) takes his pabulum. The question is whether he plans to return to or remain in the political arena his business interests. Even here, the commercial interests of Trump to create your own cable network can lead to strong political results.
If he want to make a clean break from politics, he is likely to approach the Republican leadership and their supporters how to negotiate the re-integration into existing GOP. Then close the Republican ranks, but appealed to his supporters to maintain the company’s own requirements for leadership very sensitive their requirements/needs.
As well there Another plausible scenario is that he kept coming and politically yasimreul Despite his defeat, also under tremendous pressure to maintain a conciliatory Republican Alliance party, at least in name. Trump can be recognized that the number of seats will have to win in a very complex and expensive, the House and Senate to create a third party. Thus, he can reach a compromise, Republicans and establish detente on various issues.
As a result, the new Republican Party committed to a strict schedule for the level of immigration and the emergence of protectionism will see a socially conservative one. Eventually, some Republicans are winning (along with his political views, but without his free mentality) may neo Trumpists. Another possible scenario is that Trump will make you feel enough ability and their political movements and how to decompose the Republican Party. This “party” if you manage to secure enough seats in the US Congress, it could be an important swing vote on various issues, siding with in accordance with the agreement to negotiate one of the mainstream parties. This can weaken the partisan divide on major policy issues.

If Trump supporters to keep the new party. 

We will assign an explicit ideology ID than the traditional political organizations.
Conservative Republican (Reagan and Bush Republican H.W.)
The Liberal Democratic Party (Move to the policy platform of the Democratic Party Sanders)
Traditional American (Trump energizing one constituency) Liberal Party
Green Party (above) is a lesson to rethink what to do three main parties.
Democratic Party (LDP) is to be reversed in income inequality some urgency, and strive to achieve a generous and equitable multicultural society. They see the big Wall Street companies as an example of what inter wrong in US society.
Trump supporters (Traditional American) is mostly people who saw beyond his standard of life since the 1980s. They do not like welfare and a social conservative, blue-collar workers live in a society tightly knit mostly in white. Their anger is the fuel for tens of years by the Liberals and the devil business only promoted conspiracy theories about how the money is driven by the profit right-wing media. Some of the stories are racism and xenophobia. Republican (conservative or Republican) and protect what they do, you can also build it. They have accumulated a surplus as a threat they fear big government and large public debt. They are on welfare and affirmative action want low taxes.

It’s not just the US

One finds strong parallels between what is happening politically in the United States and Western Europe.  Their interest is on both sides of the Atlantic as the denial of political expression, people feel alienated from their political systems. At the risk of being too narrow in our assessment, Western Europe and the United States of political and economic root causes of the recession can track the movement of globalization were held in the 1990s. Bill Clinton went towards (42-1992 2000) may have been the center of political change, and causes a more pronounced New Labour Movement (1997-2007) by Tony Blair.
Globalization has created a much larger number of losers abandoned effectively established a set of political winners (companies, banks and economic elite). Traditional watchdog of the -nots decided to ignore the do not pay more concrete commitment to “high-tech” jobs and socio-economic potential. Trump is simply courting the losers.

Impact on the world economy.

If is any growing political constituency for the protection of the (American and European) trade and employment, the following policies are the same steps can be implemented. Punitive tariffs on selected products in some countries.  The policy includes the steps of suppressing the mechanization of plant USA Grants for in-house training to eliminate the duplication of blue-collar jobs. The gap between the party and the party never had dominated the worse the behavior of multinational corporations with.
US trade protection is increasing the prices of consumer goods for US customers can reduce the effectiveness of the US plant. Although this may appear regressive, the economic trade-offs between efficiency and equity. What lies ahead is very uncertain. If the United States imposed punitive tariffs, national oppression will again run additional steps the US can retaliate with more of a burden on US companies. Indeed, policy decisions can protect blue-collar jobs in one country can see the same steps by major trading partners.
Protectionism can reduce the global efficiency and reduce consumer welfare sharply reduce the volume of world trade. This may be will have to pay in order to compensate for the potential created by the globalization of the world economy and democratic political system price. In our view, Brexit and Trump can see that the policy is not sufficient to convert the lost people from globalization.

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