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Bigg Boss 10 Akanksha Gets Eliminated Salman Schools Contestants

Bigg boss 10 akanksha gets eliminated schools contestants of salman Bigg boss 10 30 October 2016

Bigg Boss 10 Akanksha Gets Eliminated

Bigg Boss season 10 akanksha gets tension continued to mount in Weekend ka Vaar among the Bigg Boss participants as organizer Salman Khan took quite a long time to announce the name of Akanksha Sharma, who was finally evicted. First Priyanka. Yes, Akansha, who holds a publicly-mentioned headline on the issue of marriage with the very famous Indian cricket player Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother Zorawar, as usual, the usual knit bar cowl show.

Akanksha caught the viewer’s attention from the beginning when she accused her mother-in-law Shabnam Singh of her unsuccessful marriage. She also trusted her fellow competitor, Gaurav Chopra, and the Singh family had starved to death with money, claiming it was a struggle to get 3,000 rupees per month. All of this afflicted public Shabnam and raised objections to Akanksha.
Previously, Salman danced with young children in mashups of ‘Aaj Ki Party’ and ‘Happy Diwali’ and left a sweet note in tonight’s episode. He gave gifts to his dancing crew, knowing that they were actually from an orphanage. Meanwhile, Salman continued joking at Om Swami and presented six alternative job options that allowed him to choose a montage. 
Before introducing the festive atmosphere, he introduced two more games: the Laddoo game and the Thappad game. The laddoo game allowed participants to choose what could be avoided at Bigg Boss House, but the thappad game was the biggest liar among the participants.
In the thappad operation, the participant sat in the dark room in the solitary and received a question from Bigg Boss. For all the wrong answers, they will hit. Participants such as Gaurav Chopra, Manu Punjabi, Lopamudra Raut, and Navin Prakash will come up with the wrong answer. For example, when Gaurav disagrees that he is not the main character behind all the celebrities, he punches Bigg Boss because his competitor disagrees.
Salman Ki Sabha was a panel of three housewives from various cities who shared their views on celebrity and Indian wales performances and found out who was the main character of the game. They unanimously felt that celebrities were too careful, dignified, well behaved, and image-conscious, while commoners and Indian Wales were completely opposed to celebrities and eventually playing games.
Speaking of her relationship with the Mona Lisa, the trio felt she was discriminated against, and she seemed to be in better shape with the commoners, so that Manu Pozabi was using the situation. Manu, Gurjar, Karan Mehra was a smart player and Gaurav felt a dull personality.
After all the discussions, these housewives decide to have a good time when they provide Salman with a task that should be pani puri wala. Salman accepts special requests and offers delicious and delicious pani puri.
Later in the show Mona’s issue is discussed separately by the two groups. While Mona, Manu and Manveer talk among themselves, celebrities call Manu ‘cheap’. Gaurav says that Manu was not too comfortable with his colleagues, so it was cheaper to say he liked the company and encountered commoners.
At night, comedy Queen Bharti Singh shares his sense of humor with his partner Karan Wahi to entertain comic gag and flaming jab participants. Om Swami was not specifically excluded, as Bharti and Karan joked about making a movie for 100 Crooks. 
Om Swami, a total sportsman, is shaking his legs on Salman Khan’s song ‘Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai’ when Bharti asks him to do so and soon Karan Wahi was Lokesh Kumari’s turn to make the audition. 
As a new host for the comedy Nights Bachao Tazaa, but Lokesh forgot her line! But when he hears Rochech’s voice, Barty makes sharp observations. Compare her voice to the unsatisfied Rakhi Sawant! The duo even draw the first week evictee Priyanka Jagga. From calling her “Working Talk Lulu” to pointing out Priyanka’s stupid actions, Bharti does not turn around to loudly deny the lady. The Priyanka Priyanka with the Bharti revelation that Chopra is now seeing her change the name of the gag volley shots only.

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