Bigg Boss 10 Navin Prakash will get evicted this week According to poll

Bigg Boss 10 Navin Prakash  full details 2016 

Bigg Boss 10 Navin Prakash will get evicted this week

Bigg Boss The fourth week of the 10th House was lazy and was like a vacation holiday favorite beach vacation. It is just what most participants did last week. The major fights, even the clash of ideas and absolutely exciting. Salman Khan is scheduled to perform court martial arts for all lazy housewives in Ka Vaar on weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. But in all these circumstances, there is a sense of tension about the degeneration of this week. Navin Prakash, Manjer Gurjar, Rahul Dev, and Lokesh Kumari are among four players. But who will be the unlucky person who does not know the Bigg boss trip is over?

About Navin Prakash. His facebook profile you may look  further to view.

Navin Prakash is a bully who takes his hands in a different way than he did. This 26-year-old teacher who mentions an enthusiastic UPSC candidate in Delhi plans to work at the Bigg Boss House. He stumbles across Bhhar's Jhajha and is the most educated candidate for Bigg Boss No. 10. Currently, he was a student leader in college, living in capital. Navin was born on July 25, 1990 and loves reading, writing and listening to music. Delhi graduates are also poets, activists and public speakers. Proceeding to audition nonmember is this man's accomplishment to unseat the finalist list of Bigg Boss 10 hosted by Salman Khan.

We saw last week that Rahul remained in a "sleepy" state without any involvement in what happened at the show. Although Manveer and Lokesh have heard their voices in the frequent spat, Navin seems to have a strong name to retire. We watched how Navin hurt his shoulders while working on Friday and had to go to the hospital. Is that enough reason for him to leave the house?

lesson a new about Navin Prakash  Bigg boss 10 2016.

We voted amongst the Bigg Boss 10 crowd to ask them to pick their choice from nominated players who had to leave home this week, and Navin won the most votes. In a total of 896 votes, Navin had 57%, Lokesh 19%, Rahul 17% and Manveer 7%.

According to Twiter survey Results.

Navin, who accidentally encountered a conquered man who entered the house reading the poem and became a soft subject of internal politics, opened its wings very early in the second week when the audience saw the fierce side. The way he sincerely does his job of beating his fellow athletes, if he tries to make someone with him, has also made him a candidate for nomination.

Some people thought exactly what they needed to survive on the show, but others thought that his impulsive personality felt a little bit uneasy. When he is evicted, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics of commoners change. He thinks he will be the third commoner leaving home.

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