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England’s Baby Boycott Haseeb Hameed shines in his own Backyard

England’s Baby Boycott Haseeb Hameed shines in his own Backyard family waching

England’s Baby Boycott Haseeb Hameed shines in his own Backyard
Fingers of her right hand are still busy rolling the prayer beads. The left hand Nazma Hameed wipes the tears. Ismaile, a seated husband, was a retired driving instructor from Bolton and moved to Bach in the late ’60s.  He can not take his eyes off the turquoise cricket stadium, which is lightly lit at sunset. Two equally emotional sons of a couple are at the forefront with young families. 
They are shining. The family’s baby, 19-year-old Hasseb Hameed, goes down to the central plaza and raises the bat to his family. With Stump, he has not lost his 62 year old, but is less than 100 points in his English Premier debut. The boy nicknamed Baby Boycott an old cricket in textbooks. England did not miss India’s faint victory and finished England at 114. Ten years ago, the England team made their debut in the test in India. The very day before, Cheteshwar Pujara was wiping his bat with Hameed his father and wife wiping out tears of joy. This test may be headed for a blunt draw but if you ask Hameeds or Pujaras you will not forget this five day in Rajkot.

This shiny new stadium on the outskirts will always be the Theater of Dreams.

Prior to a short interview with the Sky TV team, his father, Ismail, who will see the light throughout the UK, is staying. He brushes his gray hair and stabs his beard. I played an amateur cricket in a village near Bharuch, and after I moved to England I did a little club cricket and I would never have imagined it, he said.
Safwaan, his senior student, is a professional club cricketer from Bolton who did not coincide with Haseeb’s debut in their roots. I do not know who is writing the script! He shouted. Families regularly visit Gujarat and use Gujarati at home. Again they are attending a wedding while watching the cricket.
Prior to his India tour, Hasbe made his debut in Bangladesh. His parents and brothers, except Safwaan, flew from Bolton to Dhaka. Hameed was disappointed when he had his duty. I am playing with my brother, he says, only when I am around.
Contrary to where Hameeds sit, British media celebrates the birth of the stars. In the car, like Mehedi Hasan Miraz and Shakib Al Hasan, there was a fear of a four-day collapse of Britain in India’s fearful spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. The teenage prodigy had no repetition of Bangladesh and Britain lost 10 wickets in one session. In the commentary box is former England captain Michael Aderton.
Haseeb reminds me of Acerton. Atherton is highly acclaimed for boys running in county Lancashire. He is a neat player with an old-fashioned environment that takes a big step toward the ball, he is close together and he nods another head for the past. He wrote on his Sunday Times column during his trip to Bangladesh. England’s Baby Boycott Haseeb Hameed shines after Safwaan says. His brother played the right play because he was a fan of his father, Boycott, Ian Chappell and Gavaskar. In addition, it was Gavaskar and Boycott describing the action for Rajkot in the commentary box.
I, my brother, are all openers, even my father, and our brethren had perfect skills, so the team we did for the coaches always put us at the top of the order, said Hameed, He is working as a coach at the bank.
Haseeb first thought of being a cricketer while in Mumbai with Safwaan. I went to the MIG club where there was a short interaction with Sigin Tendulkar, and at that point, I saw only seven, but I saw the attention and encouragement of the Indian cricket star, at which point he decided to become a cricketer. He says. The young boy did not dream of a day to wake up the world for 10 years. Haseeb matches the county records of Tendulkar. Younger openers announced they had arrived by scoring consecutive first-class seats in Lancashire, 10-2.
Even after the interview, Saff and the liver still can not believe what he saw. “In eight months, I and Hashe sat in the living room watching the T20 World Cup.We watch the Virat Kohli score and discuss” How can this score be run in all games? Who would you like to meet with Ronaldo? Now imagine he’s in the same field as Virat, he’s only 19 years old.
There is another conversation in which two brothers in cricket come to the heart of Saf Yuan. It is a mysterious cricket game. Haseeb was surprised but disappointed that he could not play for England under 19. But he did not worry that Captain Cook described the ‘poor temperament’. Safwaan gives a dramatic pause before giving the punch line. I can fry a bigger fish. Today the fish was splashed and the Hameeds were having a feast.

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