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Erdogan says Turkey could join Shanghai bloc Fed up with EU

Erdogan says Turkey could join Shanghai bloc Fed up with EU
Erdogan says turkey could join Shanghai bloc Fed up with EU as the President Turkey could be part of a security. Block dominated by China as well Russia and Central Asian countries without having to sign up for “all expenses” with the European Union. Quoted. NATO member Turkey is far away from the EU after 11 years of negotiations on joining the EU. European leaders have criticized the record of democratic freedom and Ankara has become increasingly angry with the humility of the West.
“Turkey should feel comfortable,”For me, it should not be said that it is the European Union at all costs, it is my view, “the Hudriyet newspaper reported to reporters after a visit to Uruguay, Pakistan, and reporters told reporters on airplanes Said. That why should need Turkey not be in Shanghai? Told President Putin “President of Kazakhstan” Nazarbayev to people in Shanghai Five,” he said.

If there is a positive development, I hope that Turkey will be able to act more easily if I join Shanghai Five.

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a regional security group in 2001 to counter the threat of radical Islamic and drug trafficking in neighboring Afghanistan in 2001. Initially, Turkey’s member states of SCO, which did not include Uzbekistan and are known as Shanghai Five, are likely to warn Western allies and NATO members.
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan use Turkic language, and Ankara has joined in 2013 as conversation partner’ sharing ‘same fate’ with member countries. Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are SCO observers, and like Turkey, Belarus is also a partner of dialogue. Dialogue partners have the right to attend ministerial and SCO meetings, but no vote.
Erdogan said last week that he expressed patience with the Turkish people about his relations with Europeans and that he could hold a referendum on EU member states in 2017.
The European Union is on a good track in its relations with Turkey. In particular, the continued support of Angkala is needed in suppressing immigrants from Syria. However, we pay homage to the crackdown on Turkey since the failed coup attempt in July.

Erdogan warned NATO to protect the “terrorist” plotter.

Erdogan warned NATO not to protect “terrorist” soldiers after reports that allied commanders, Turkish military officers, demanded asylum after a failed footing. How can terrorists, terrorist soldiers and soldiers involved in the coup plan be hired in NATO?” The journalist told reporters in Uzbekistan. “They can not do that,” he said.
Nato’s director Jens Stoltenberg said Turkish military officers who worked in NATO’s command on 15 July filed an asylum following the coup. Although Stoltenberg and Erdogan did not provide numbers, Erdogan said it was not.  Prime Minister Erdogan warned the government not to provide ports to its allies and demand that they be forced back to the soldiers who asked for asylum.
NATO is not welcomed to accept this kind of asylum request, and the people in question have been charged with terrorism,” he said. Stoltenberg said that NATO nations would make their asylum decisions rather than the Alliance headquarters in Brussels. It would be wrong if we started going into that sort of legal problem, it’s for the judicial system in our country, Stoltenberg said.
Stoltenberg will meet with Erdogan in the margin of the NATO meeting in Istanbul on Monday. Prime Minister Erdogan accused Western nations of failing to show solidarity in the aftermath of a critical coup d’etat on the flawed elements of the military led by US cleric Fethullah Gulen.

He was fiercely overriding criticism of the oppression of plotters who were alleged.

In the army, 9,300 army personnel, including 118 generals and navy members, were arrested, and thousands were no longer taking any or all of the immoral behavior. More than 110,000 people have been fired or suspended since the fallen seabirds, and about 36,000 people have been arrested. The media outlets are closed. The government says the July 15 incident has justified clearly crackdowns by  gravity of threat to the country, with more than 2,40 people killed.

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