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Facebook Now Owned Instagram Also Pressure on Snapchat

Facebook now owned Instagram also pressure on Snapchat
Facebook now owned Instagram now pressure on snapchat on Monday and added a temporary live video broadcast and a vanishing direct message. As we know  The past recent $ 19 billion purchase has been turned into more than a few heads and legitimately so. Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp is one of the largest acquisitions, not to mention its total gross domestic product in Iceland.

Money talks. So what does this $ 19 billion deal say?

A variety of reactions to the news have appeared, and each news has a different purpose. What is the meaning of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and the new ownership of the future of personal communications and personal data? The executive claims to have not changed anything.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Jan Koum, founder of WhatsApp, say WhatsApp’s messaging service will run separately from social media tycoon Facebook. Koum, a blog post on the WhatsApp website, says: “What will we change for our users? WhatsApp is autonomous and operates independently. Facebook paid $ 190 billion for WhatsApp, Facebook owns the most important thing: sends a clear message about data ownership and communication control.
Consider this. WhatsApp currently has about 450 million monthly active users. This means that Facebook has paid $ 42 per head (or $ 21 per eye if one writer notes it) to purchase the app. If you use WhatsApp, Facebook is investing $ 42 in your data and expects its value to grow.

Instagram in the blog post “Send what you want, from jokes to worst selves.

Unlike other messages directly, these photos and videos disappear after seeing them in friends inboxes. This update is intended to make people use Instagram even more unusual and quirky moments, rather than as a platform for sharing highlights of life or sharing polished posts. You can send photos and videos that disappear in a voluntary, pressure-free way directly to your group and your personal friends,” Instagram says.
The live streaming option in Instagram follows the footsteps of Facebook Live and is a challenge to the periscope, a Twitter live video streaming service.
Instagram live video broadcasts are not stored, so you can only see them when you think “you can share them anytime, anywhere” according to your photo and video sharing service.
Instagram says that 300 million of the approximately 5 billion users worldwide use direct messaging every month. Facebook said last week that it could acquire facial recognition boot FacioMetrics and potentially use photo or video effects technology to better challenge rival Snapchat.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Facebook has not disclosed its financial terms to acquire FacioMetrics, which was founded in 2015, and specializes in providing facial image analysis for applications running on smartphones using artificial intelligence .
With FacioMetrics, you can respond to these functions provided by Snapchat’s “Filters”, a messaging service that disappears when your photos or movies become fun to use as a subsidiary or user such as Instagram.
Snap, the parent company, estimates that there are more than 100 million users globally to send videos, images, and text messages that disappear after watching. Some reports report that they generate 10 billion video views per day.
Years ago, Snapchat, based in Southern California, failed to make a successful purchase, so Facebook began cloning popular features.

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