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Famous player Swallow Disappointment to keep playing Football Almost

Almost Famous: Players refrain from firing to continue their favorite football

swallow dissappointment to keep playing football
Marcos Tebar, Pitu and Gustavo Oberman went to India with disappointment in their immature job. During the turn of the century, three young and exciting talents emerged from world-renowned football nurses. 
However, Maureen’s Madrid will send Marcos Tebar to a poorer $ 100 club, while Pitu has waited 10 years for a 30-minute cameo for Barcelona and Gustavo Oberman ) Will hope for the reproduction of the young when it is in vain. ‘Success with the Argentine national team. Mihir Vasavda flew to India to continue to love the most with the players who swallowed disappointment in their inexperienced career. Marcos Tebar – Young player for the debut of Real Madrid Marcos Tebar has teamed up with Real Madrid for over 10 years. But his most memorable moment came in the 26th minute, not in the football field.
Young Marcos was in school when his father appeared without notice. “My dad wants to put you on the training ground,” his father said as he recalled. ‘They were’ Real Madrid. Driving to the club ground was fast. “When we arrived, the only person I saw was Zinedine Zidane apart from a few cameramen,” Tebar said.
A documentary about Zidane was filmed. This book titled ‘Como un Sueño’ has been roughly translated as ‘dreamlike’. That was exactly the case with Tebar. His role was to make Zidane’s ballet elegance easy to see in the film. There were some interesting movies, dribbles and showboats. “An easily memorable moment” he gets a goose chunk after 15 years from the morning.
Teba has already joined the club in Real Madrid in 1998 for three years. Young Juan Matata and Alvaro Negredo were his members. But there was something about Tebar at that time, and I was hypnotized by the club class. The club’s chief scout, Paco de Gracia, went one step further and compared the style of the game to Zidane, according to a report from the Spanish sport.
At just 16 years old, Tebar was the youngest to wear the famous White Jersey. In the 2002 pre-season, the defensive midfielder replaced Ramón Sánchez Piz Janín Prisén against Sevilla in the first half against Albert Celades (Barcelona 72). . Real lost 1-0.
Tebar’s career, however, was looking up. In 2003, he played with David Silva, Fabregas, and Javi Garcia in every U-17 World Cup game. So talented players should not have challenged when they were selected as world champions. Sumo Como.
Then, Galatiscos rose. Florentino Perez, the brilliant president of Real, chose the most talented person on the planet. Ronaldo, Carlos, Zidane, Figueroa, Raul, Beckham, Casillas. It was a surreal moment. It was like a dream.
However, as a security, the club’s academy products suffered difficulties. Dreams have disappeared when home made products and Tebar’s career have become calmer. “It’s hard to play in Real, they make deals with the best players in the world.” “I played in Real Madrid Castilla (2nd Division) with Negreido and Mata.”
At the very moment his hope faded, Tebar was called in the first game in November 2005. Real manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo then included him in a home match against Real Zaragoza. But he was not used. Juande Ramos would have taken three more years to call again in the first leg. Ten years later he joined Levi’s. Teba finally made his debut in the 2008/09 season at Osasuna.
In July 2010, three days after the newly appointed director Jose Mourinho bought Angel di Maria for $ 25 million in Benfica, Tebar was sold to Girona’s second department for only $ 100. Tebar smiled embarrassed, referring to it. “I do a lot of business in Spain, so I have to put in a small amount to make a remitter,” he says.
Since he joined La Fabrica (The Factory, Real Youth Academy), Tebar had only one dream to play in his “club”. But after 12 years, he ran for 32 minutes on his first team. My dream is wrong.
He tries to forget the chapter. ( “Real Madrid, they are the best in the world,” he says.) But it is clear today that he is disappointed not to play in a childhood club. “It was not my decision (leaving the club), it is always with Real Madrid, and I want to be there as long as possible,” he says. “My dream was to play in reality, but otherwise, another team from Lariga.
During three seasons with the Catalan side, Teba played more than the club paid. In the side of the championship, Tebar (Goa’s Spanish midfielder) decided to accept the Delhi Dynamos proposal after hearing good news about Jofre’s ISL in his England expedition against Brentford.
However, Madrid in it never left. “When you are in the real world, you live in a different world, not a real football world, the other teams are very different,” he says.
Once you get used to something big, you move to another club, everything is difficult to adjust. But I enjoy it. If you have to, your mind will do it.He tries to hide his disappointment. And in the middle of the sentence, a sparkle and a rotten smile return in his eyes. It does not matter. Real Madrid. You are luckily there.

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