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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Seek Reelection

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek reelection

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek reelection

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek re election next year. Next year, it will be welcomed as a signal of stability based on the results of Brexit and Donald Trump polls. In a meeting with other conservative leaders of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), Merkel announced that he would start his fourth term in a few months with his tenth guess.
Merkel, 62, dominated Europe’s top economic power in 2005, with no time limits. She is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1800 GMT Sunday. Another four-year mandate that she says is likely to win in a poll suggests that her mentor, Helmut Kohl, who led the 1989 demolition of the Berlin Wall, would establish a postwar record. Merkel concluded that “Germany needs a strong CDU,” a source said at a conference that was held to fix his thinking.

She added that next year’s campaign will not be cliff edge.

Merkel said in an interview with Welt am Sonntag newspaper, “The CDU’s vice president of the CDU, Julia Kloeckner, said in her interview with the Welt am Sonntag newspaper,” As she ties society together and oversimplifies, “

She expressed moderation and moderation instead of cheap title.

‘Risk averse voter’

Merkel is the youngest and only candidate to lead a country that has grown up in communist East Germany. Merkel, a pastor ‘s daughter and trained physicist, is popular with Germans who see her as a person in a dangerous limp and straight shoot. But her decision to allow more than a million asylum seekers over the past two years has grabbed her support.
It also revived the fate of the right-wing popular populist Alternative for Germany party (AfD), which captured the widespread insecurity of German immigrants. Nonetheless, observers said recent earthquake changes in global politics could turn German voters who traditionally have avoided risk into her weapons.
“The demands of the society for predictability and stability are so overwhelmingly high in the election year of 2017 that it will not hinder its success in the polls despite Merkel’s term of office, Said Zeit. More than half of the voters, 55%, said on Sunday in a poll by Bild am Sonntag newspaper that Merkel wants to stay at 42% in August. As President Barack Obama escapes, the importance of Merkel as a protector of many Western countries will continue to grow, and some call her the leader of the new free world.
Britain is struggling with the dispute over withdrawal from the European Union (EU) ballot in June, while France is preparing for Marine Le Pen in May, while Britain is preparing for potential spikes in US leadership in Trump. Victory. Mr. Merkel has garnered President Obama and leaders from Britain, France, Spain and Italy as chief ministers on Friday, stressing her relative strength for dialogue on terrorism, climate change and Russia ‘s strategic threats.

Support of Obama

Obama, who visited Berlin, praised Merkel as “an excellent partner” and urged the Germans to “thank” her. It’s up to her to want her back, but I was here, I was a German, and I got a ticket, I will support her, she said with a smile. Merkel ‘s complaint about the refugee policy was indicted last year for a national election defeat against the CDU, and CSU, a Bavarian sister party, publicly revolted. CSU demanded a strict ceiling on incoming asylum applicants. A polling survey predicts that if the elections are held this weekend, Merkel will see a 33 percent approval rate, down 9 percentage points from the final national polls in 2013.
The left-wing Social Democratic Party (SPD), the middle left coalition of Merkel, was second with 24%. According to the independent opinion institute Emnid, the AFD and the opposition Greens were 13% and 12% neck and neck respectively. It is not yet clear who will handle the banner of SPD, as party leader Sigmar Gabriel is potentially confronting the challenge of Maya Schulz, the European Parliament speaker.

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