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Mclaren Chief Ron Dennis Fighting Ouster

Mclaren Chief Ron Dennis Fighting Ouster
Mclaren chief Ron Dennis fighting ouster bernie Eccles tone a report by Mansour Ojjeh. Who owns 75% of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth and shares, wants to oust Ron Dennis. McLaren’s CEO, Lemon Dennis, is confronting moves by other shareholders to get him out, Formula One chief executive Bernie Eccles tone said on Saturday. Eccles tone feared that the 69-year-old Britain, the second most successful sports team, had already lost the battle, despite not winning four years in an interview with Reuters in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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There was a court case that lost an illegal incident that wanted to overturn what happened yesterday, because it is compassion because we do not want to lose Ron.
Asked if Dennis is effective, he said, “Surely yes, I think he is attractive so that he can win the charm.”
Sky News reported on Friday that Mansour Ojjeh, a Saudi businessman who owns Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat and 75% of the shares, wanted Dennis to be exiled.
The report said that an unconfirmed consortium of Chinese investors has offered a £ 1.65 billion ($ 2.8 billion) bid to the McLaren Technology Group, supported by Dennis, but other shareholders.
He cited the news that Dennis did not obey the High Court’s injunction on behalf of Denis until his contract expired in mid-January and the emergency board convened. Eric Boullier, F1 racer, declined to answer questions about the situation in Brazil. There have been some rumors about our shareholders, especially this weekend, about the McLaren Technology Group.
We will not answer questions or answers about this rumor. As far as we are concerned, Ron Dennis is still Chairman and Group CEO. That’s all.
Other shareholders can not be contacted immediately. Dennis, who has been involved with former champion Mclaren since 1980 and one of F1’s biggest names, had been team leader in 2009 but returned to the group in January 2014.
Mclaren changed their name to Mclaren Technology Group in 2014 and integrated sports car companies, application technologies and the F1 team. Mumtalakat agreed to sell the stock to Dennis in the same year, but it did not go as planned. Ojjeh and Dennis each own 25 percent.
Dennis has been skeptical since he reported that Britain’s (autosport . com) website would leave as chairman and chief executive officer when his contract expires last month. Mclaren spokesman Dennis said he did not “Absolutely” state.

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