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Rabbani defends upper house’s performance

Rabbani defends upper house’s performance first day of the Senate’s Senate meeting.

Rabbani defends upper house’s performance
Islamabad senator Raza Rabbani has pointed out that Congress is failing to fulfill its obligations and fail to resolve its national interest. On the first day of the Senate’s Senate meeting, Rabbani first adopted the Senate for the issue, referring to a recent ruling in which the Supreme Court asked the Supreme Court to return all its members to the National Accountability Board (NAB) . Like to make it clear on this point which Supreme Court has succeeded in a recent ruling on appointment and absorption at the NAB while the matter was first raised in the Senate.
This issue has been discussed in the Senate over several occasions through question, adjournment consent, and state notice.
Saeed Ghani, a member of the Pakistani People’s Party, was the first person in the house to raise the issue, a senator recalled. Rabbani said the government and NAB would be better off if the Senate took notice of the matter.
Separately, lawmakers unanimously passed late PPP leader Jehangir Badr and late ANP leader Haji Adeel two times unanimously.
The Senator also discussed the reference to the reference to Jehangir Badr, and a separate discussion on the reference to the reference to Haji Adeel next week was held.
The house suffered a heart attack and showed deep sadness and sadness for Badr’s sad demise, his last breath on November 13th. Through his political career, he raised his voice against the dictator and remained unchanged during the days of Gen Yahya, Gen Ziaul Haq and Pervez Musharraf. ” had eyelashes during and Zia Gen dictatorship. But his position and views changed.
In a comment on Jehangir Badr, Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that a politician of last century will be remembered in his fight against dictatorship. Senator Rehman Malik PPP said Jehangir Badr is a symbol of friendship. He suggested that the committee room be named after a late senator who worked for the supreme authority of the constitution and democracy. Treasury Secretary Ishaq Dar Treasury Secretary Chancellor Ishaq Dar cited two examples of his indecisive commitments to his (Badr) party, naming his son Zulfiqar Badr as his son, Said he chose Benazir Bhutto. Dar also mentioned his role in signing the landmark Charter of Democracy in Pakistan’s political history.
The resolution to praise Haji Adeel’s services expressed “the sorrow and sadness of former Senator Haji Muhammad Adeel, who was last breathing on November 18th,” , Was the son of Hakeem Abdul Jalil. He was himself a great representative of state rights. “The resolution said.
In addition, the senator said the house should be debated whether the new parliamentary year of parliament should start, or whether it should deal with the parliamentary frustration with the start of a new year.
The current parliament refers to the parliamentary frustration with the beginning of the new parliament. The house will discuss this issue next Thursday, and the Chairman has asked the senator with a legal background to help him in connection with this matter. Aitzaz Ahsan, Saif Lawyer, Farooq H Naek, Syed Muzaffar Shah, Javed Abbasi and Senator Babar Awan helped the chair. The Chairman also instructed the law and parliamentary ministry to provide comments on the matter.

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