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The Obamas pass torch to Clinton As the campaign closes

The Obamas pass torch to Clinton As the campaign closes
Philadelphia (AP) In a place where American democracy was shaken by the cold and tens of thousands Barack and Michelle Obama passed. The torch to Hillary Clinton in an emotional but worrying plea to elect her president. 
Obama’s enthusiastic, last minute push against Clinton was an American farewell trip. Though the book does not end with his president until the inauguration. When he was in full swing Monday and Thursday in Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, he told the old story about a nostalgic waxing, he was really, like, a gruff rubbish motorcycle up to the state thanks to gambling. He said he had recently asked whether he wanted to sell his campaign and hoped to sell some years or not.
An example of the answer is President Obama said, not far from a bell of freedom. He was still a believer “That’s because of you. You are a tear that shed for the one you lost, and in the letter I wrote, I saw your goodness, strength and heart again,” President Obama said. Then, the Obama family and Clinton embraced the stage: the last Democratic president and present; On Tuesday with the first black president, a woman who could break another historic barrier.
One of the chances that she hoped to strongly contrast the vision of the Republican real estate conglomerate Donald Trump was that it left Michelle Obama, who cast her family as part of a singular American story, whose built-in speech campaign hit nerves on many Americans.
She was a slave to Gozo grand sopper in Chicago, South Side, where a woman like me can go to some of the best universities on the planet. “Where the country was admired, one mother’s mixed-race son from Hawaii and hopefully one mother from Arkansas , Everyone can make it to the White House. 
Thank you for welcoming us to your community, giving us a chance whether you agree not to be our politician or not,” Mrs. Obama said in his transfer off to the United States. She was a guaranteed Clinton election victory Perhaps the last and most important thing for my country as an First Lady can do.”
I did not always like this. In 2008, when Obama began to soften the name of her secretary in the state of defeating Clinton in Obama Grinding State, there was a bare suffering between the Democrats.
Almost ten years later, the Obama family needs a lot of Clinton, as she needs them to prevent their legacy from being built by Victory Trump. After all, the president said his accomplishments “go out of the window unless we win tomorrow.” Ann Arbor, told the supporters ahead of Michigan

Clinton was also meditating on the bruising battle that led her to this moment.

I did not name Trump, and Clinton said, the tone of the campaign was deeply regretted how angry. A less than subtle display of political symbols, she said behind the Presidential Room attached to the podium where Obama introduces her.
The Obama family is well aware that their era is coming to an end, neither of them realizing the punctuation by the Obama family’s claim that neither will be run for office again, whether Clinton wins Tuesday.
So on Clinton’s farewell present, Obama said that his motto of the campaign was to get ready to go, laid off with her proposal and appeared at a vague ceremony for the eighth year, and he made a rally in New Hampshire to attendees in South Carolina.
It goes only to show how one voice changes the room, “President Obama said after the city, state and country.” And if you can change this country, it can change the world.

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