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Donald Trump Takes Populist Message to US Heartland in ‘Thank you’ Tour

Donald Trump, the next president elect, is on his post-election “tour you thank you tour” on Thursday, vowing to shut down US borders with some Middle Eastern migrants, promising to return manufacturing jobs to American workers, Donald Trump spoke at about three – quarters of the arena, gathering crowds of people who repeatedly attacked “extremely corrupt” media and gathered populist people who shared empathy with millions of voters.
There is no world hymn, no globalization, no world citizenship, we pledge allegiance to a flag, and the flag is the United States flag, Donald Trump said.
“From now on, it will be the United States, Donald Trump said, emphasizing job creation as a result of trade deals that are planning renegotiation, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
The New York real estate agency also announced the appointment of a Marine General Mathis nominee. He called it “Matt Dog Mattis”. He was the defense secretary.
Pointing out earlier this week that Somalian immigrants attacked the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Donald Trump said the threat to Americans was “created by our very stupid politicians.
To prevent further attacks by the United States, Donald Trump said he would stop immigration from “safe havens”, including some in the Middle East.
“People are pouring in from the Middle East, and we told them who they were, where they came from, what they were thinking, and we would stop the dead, cold plane, Donald Trump said.
In the past, Donald Trump also said that all Muslims would stop coming to the United States.
Donald Trump said in an early tweeter message on Thursday, “ISIS acknowledges its contribution to the terrible attack on Somali refugees who should not have entered our country at Ohio State University.”
The US – Islamic Relations Committee has blamed Trump for abusing the “miserable situation in Ohio”.
Saving job
At the end of the day, Trump’s remarks traveled to nearby Indiana and traveled to celebrate a decision by Carrier Corp., an air conditioner maker, to keep about 1,000 jobs in the US without moving to Mexico.
The decision came after the Bank of England publicly demanded that Trump have a job in Indianapolis during a long presidential campaign and threatened to punish an American company that would be moving business abroad with stringent import duties.
The company, which is owned by United Technologies (UTX.N), plans to move 1,300 other jobs from Indiana to Mexico.
With the aim of assuming office as president on January 20, Trump is expected to travel to a city in the same swing state as Ohio, which contributed to a shocking election victory on November 8th.
In an almost one hour speech in the southwestern city of Ohio, Trump promised to offer a new tax cut to the middle class. According to federal regulations, it hurts companies and builds walls on the Mexican and Southwest borders.
Thomas promised to talk about an “action plan” to announce the start of the administration in his speech, but Trump did not mention anything new about the policy announced after the White House launch in 2015.
Donald Trump exhilarated, “We did not break it and we shattered the idiot” to mocking scoffers who do not think they could overtake the “blue wall” of a typically voting country as a Democratic candidate.
In the past few weeks, Trump has been largely hiding in the Trump Tower in New York City, depending on who gets the top job in the incoming management.
He interviewed several candidates for Secretary of State, including Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for 2012. He attacked Trump in the 2016 campaign, but recently he voiced his presidential election.
On Wednesday, Trump said he would appoint former Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin to lead the Treasury. Trump has named Wilbur Ross, a billionaire renowned for his investment in the poverty industry, as chief of staff of the Commerce Secretary.
In an interview with Fox News, Chief Justice Trump said he would cut the candidate list to “maybe three or four” and announce it soon.
In September, the Supreme Court vacated its place in February when Judge Antonin Scalia died and the Republican Senate refused to let President Barrick Obama choose Merrick Garland.
Donald Trump has recently been controversial by suggesting that those who protest against the US by burning the American flag lose their citizenship or go to jail.
According to the Supreme Court ruling, Donald Trump told the audience again in Cincinnati on Thursday, while flagging was protected under the US Constitution. “When people burn American flags, they must have results.
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