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New Romanian PM Likely to be Female Muslim

New Romanian PM likely to be female Muslim

New Romanian PM likely to be female Muslim
New Romanian PM likely to be female Muslim social Democratic Party (PSD) nominated a left – wing female from Islamic minority groups on Wednesday as prime minister. PSD power broker Liviu Dragnea retired after being convicted in the 2012 referendum. Seventy-two-year-old Sevil Shhaideh, who had to be approved by President Cla Iohannis and won the congressional trust, served as regional development minister in a former left-wing government.
The PSD won the general election on December 11th and took the largest number of congresses with 250 MPs in 465-seat two-house assemblies, together with the old coalition and long-time ally ALDE. Dragnea told reporters, “I offered a solution that I hope will allow the government to quickly get approved budgets by January 15th.”

Dragnea made it clear that there is an intention to become a new government force.

When Draenei was appointed, she would be the prime minister, but political responsibility remained above all to me. She has the capacity to work, absorb administrative and EU funding, and has knowledge of all ministries. Dragnea and Shhaideh from Romania’s small Muslim community are close. He was an eyewitness at his 2011 wedding with a former agricultural ministry consultant from Syria. Dragnea named a loyal person. Defects are caused by a lack of notoriety and authority within the PSD, but there is nothing to do. It will be the government that Dragnea controls. “Said Sergiu Miscoiu, political professor at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj.
President Iohannis began a two-day consultation on the composition of the new government with the parties who attended the new parliament after the election. He is expected to announce his appointment by Friday. The PSD, which promised higher wages and pensions during the campaign, hoped that Dragnea, who had strict control over his party, would be in prime position, but Iohannis made it clear that he would reject candidates with criminal records.
Dragnea was convicted earlier this year for exploiting his influence in a referendum to impeach former President Traian Basescu, who was sentenced to two years in prison.

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