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Rs3.35bn NAB Recovered From Raisani DG Operations

NAB will not keep a single penny of Rs3.35bn recovered from Raisani: DG operations

NAB recovered Rs3.35bn
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) said on Thursday NAB recovered from raisani DG operations about $ 3.3 billion worth of cash and property from a petition deal negotiated with Balochistan’s finance minister Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani and contractor Sohail Majeed Shah. Former adviser to Balochistan as part of corruption scandals.
At a news conference, NAB Zahir Shah, secretary general of the NAB, said the IRS will transfer this amount to the legitimate owner after the defense bargaining is materialized. NAB will not take pennies out of this and will not keep the recovered amount,” he said. He said the amount recovered by the NAB is handed over to the local government through the top secretary.
Raisani, recovery from Sohail
As NAB collapsed cash and assets as part of a foreclosure deal, Shasa said Raisani handed over RMB 653 million cash and 3.3 MM gold to NAB. This cash and gold were recovered during the NAB raid at his residence in May.
Raisani also gave up two properties. The first asset is Rs60m in Quetta and the other in Karachi DHA on Rachi70m. These are added to eleven properties already seized by NAB from Raisani and Majeed,” Shah said. Of these, 11 are all in DHA, valued at a purchase price of Rs. 12.5 billion. They include two commercial plazas, three houses of at least 500 square yards, and six “very valuable” residential plots.

NAB expects 11 properties to sell for between $ 2 billion and $ 2 billion.

Raisani surrendered two luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz and Toyota Grande. Thus, the total assets transferred by Raisani correspond to Rs800m, while his eleven assets correspond to Rs12.25bp. The NAB officials accused the accused of the so-called Sohail Majeed Shah, the contractor and director of Khalid Lango, Prime Minister’s Assistant to Balochistan, He said he agreed to return all the money.

He surrendered Ruffi to his account at 660 meters.

Sohail Shah has announced he has abandoned his “worthy” housing. NAB spokesperson Asim Ali Nawazish told DawnNews that the NAB will soon begin a process to sell property through the courts and transfer the money collected to the Balochistan government. DG NAB added that the bank balance of the two people was frozen. A NAB official said the investigation into Lango, former minister of the Balochistan chief, is in the final stages and his case will be referred to the court.
Raisani embraced the headlines when NAB was confiscated in prison in May of this year and then confiscated 730 million ringgit from his home during Quetta time. NAB ‘s Executive Board (EBM), which put Raisani’ s corruption figures at Rs 40 billion, accepted Wednesday ‘s plea negotiation request for Rs 2 billion (US $). Earlier, a NAB spokesman said Raisani said the defense trade deal would be “completely lifted” after it was approved by the Supreme Court.

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