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British MPs Criticise UK Aid to Pakistan

British MPs criticise UK aid to Pakistan PM May defends programme: media reports

British MPs criticise UK aid to Pakistan
British MPs criticise UK aid to Pakistan lawmakers have attacked British government spending taxpayers’ money on Pakistan, Daily Mail reported on Tuesday. However, Prime Minister Teresa Mei defended both the program and the foreign aid budget.
A £ 300 million UK aid budget is being spent to fund the Pakistani Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), which is “dependent on corruption claims,” the news website said. UK support for BISP helped 235,000 households nationwide by 2012 and could increase by 440,000 by 2020, The Daily Mail reported. The revelation prompted conservatives who demanded that the British government cancel the promise to use 0.7 percent of Britain ‘s national income for foreign aid.
According to the Daily Mail, Conservative Party Tory Party MP Nigel Evans, who attended the Commons’ International Development Committee, called for a cash handout investigation.
This website quotes Evans. “Generally, this kind of aid is the only way to help in a crisis or crisis situation.
The Pakistani government added that it seems clear that the Pakistani government is exporting to Pakistan. He urged Prime Minister Priti Patel to urgently review the process of “ensuring that there is an adequate explanation of how this money is delivered,” he said, with cash remittances “obviously exposed to fraud.”

Teresa, BISP funding But Theresa May strongly advocated programs and foreign aid budgets.

Foreign aid, supported by UK taxpayers in Pakistan’s income support program, will continue because it will help “the people who need it most,” British online newspaper quoted the British prime minister as saying.
Also after Evans and Daily Mail wrote Downing Street, “they refused to review,” hinting at the “fierce attack” by conservatives, hinting at domestic spending cuts.
A PM spokesman said in a Westmin briefing that there is a “strong system” to protect Britain’s “investment funds” and ensure that BISP funds are not “misused” by fraud and corruption.
“One of the things that is being introduced is confirming that there are more biometric billing systems to be one of the safest programs in the world,” the spokesman said.
The Independent believes that providing government officials with direct cash to beneficiaries is “reducing the risk of fraud” by removing intermediaries in the process, and only the beneficiary can prioritize their needs such as food, rent, education, or medicine Added. Write money accordingly.
A May spokesman said, “Cash remittances funded by UK aid in the last four years have helped some 9 million of the world’s poorest people to buy food, medicine and clean water.”
“This is a cash aid, with an emphasis on helping people get what they need when they need it.”
“The effect of this transfer plan was acknowledged by the Public Accounts Committee and the National Audit Office on the obvious immediate benefits of the system.
“We will only pursue those choices that have made it clear that the outcome has already been achieved and proven, for example, in the case of Pakistan, we make a small contribution to a much larger program run by the Pakistani government with proven results” She insisted.
A May spokesman repeatedly stressed British aid budget support and criticism, saying, “The prime minister has made it clear that our aid budget is an investment in our security and national interests and it is right to respect our promises.”

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