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Donald Trump Hit with Claims Russia Has Compromising Info

Donald Trump hit with claims Russia has compromising info on him

Donald Trump Hit with Claims Russia
The spy chief of the United States insisted that Russian agents were seriously damaging personal and financial information about him about Donald Trump, the US media reported yesterday at a news conference. Donald Trump hit with claims Russia has compromising info on him.Trump spokesman Dennis McCormack said CNN had “political witch hunts” after reporting that the intelligence briefing on intelligence on Russian intervention in the US presidential election last week provided an outline of the explosive and unconfirmed allegations.

“Pakistan News Total Political Power Hunt!” The winner was tweeting.

According to CNN and The New York Times last week, intelligence officials published a two-page synopsis on the potential embarrassment of the 45th President of the United States and President Barack Obama. President Obama delivered his farewell greeting on Tuesday evening, a shocking report in political and diplomatic circles within ten days of Trump ‘s inauguration.
CNN did not disclose details of the allegations, but Buzzfeed American media is writing a 35-page memo to Washington for months without confirming its content. This memo describes a sex video that included prostitutes photographed in 2013 when Trump visited a luxury Moscow hotel.
They also proposed a favorable trade offer by the Russian authorities to gain influence over Republican real estate holders. According to CNN, the data was written by the UK’s MI-6 intelligence agency, which was hired by other US presidential contenders to do political “opposition research” in Trump during the middle of last year.
Trump spokesman was briefed on the existence of the papers and the annoying contents when he was briefed by US intelligence authorities on Russian intervention in the presidential election on Friday. The two page overviews categorized also included claims that there was a regular flow of information in campaigns between Trump agents and Russian government mediators.
“Nothing was confirmed,” Trump ‘s chief aide, Kellyanne Conway, told NBC about the material. “They are all anonymous and unspoken sources.”

‘Really shocking’

The lawsuit came just before Trump’s first press conference after the election. He had already been intensively investigating relations with Russia and countless other controversies. The 70-year-old billionaire directly attacked Buzzfeed and accused online publications of publishing “non-public” papers. Buzzfeed posted this material for reasons of transparency, but Ben Smith’s editor-in-chief admitted that “there is a serious reason to suspect the claim.” But Democrats were surprised at the progress.
Senator Chris Coons, a Democrat of the Democratic Party, said in an interview with CNN, “If this is true, the charges of negotiations between the Trump election officials and the intelligence agencies of Russia and the Russian authorities have undermined Trump’s independence. Genuine shocking. “

Democratic Party Jared Polis

“If Trump’s report is not true, I have to contradict it,” Police wrote on Twitter. “If it is true, it should not be a president,” he said. Federal Bureau of Investigation received information in August, two months before the November 8th elections. Since then, US spy agencies have been found to be credible enough to include some of Trump ‘s announcement according to CNN after investigating former British intelligence officer and his network.
The compromise on Trump and the presence of pleasant information were rumored before the election.

‘Explosion information’

The rumor spurred when Senator Harry Reid, FBI Director General of the Senate, nominated James Comey, FBI director, a week before the vote. Dr. Reed has had explosive information about the close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his chief advisor, and the Russian government.

Public has the right to know this information

Comey was one of four senior officials who briefed Trump Friday with the director of the National Intelligence Service, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSC).
At a Senate hearing on suspicion of continued contact between Russia and the Trump team, Comey confirmed or denied that his agency was investigating such links. US intelligence has already made an unprecedented accusation that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the hacking of a Democratic e – mail to favor the size of the election to Trump. Trump spoke repeatedly that Moscow was affecting the election and urged President Obama to improve tense relations that were severely tense during his presidency. On the weekend he accused him of being a “stupid” person against a better relationship with Moscow.

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