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Donald Trump Rejects Phoney Dossier Allegations

Trump rejects phoney Dossier allegations about ties with Russia

President Donald Trump has adamantly denied the explosive allegations of relations with Russia and the decisive action that threatens to win his election victory over Moscow and threaten his resignation. Within a week of Trump ‘s inauguration, the United States caught up with the unfounded assertion that his aides had conspired with the Kremlin to win the election and that Russia was defeating sexual material in Trump.
Trump spokesperson thinks that it is disgraceful to have leaked information while alleging information leakage and teaching the media that leaked intelligence agencies. “It’s fake news, it’s rampant. It did not happen,” he said at his first press conference almost six months later.

“It was sick people coming together, and they gathered up the trash.”

Trump said he was “released by an intelligence agency, perhaps an intelligence agency,” and said, “It will be a huge disgrace to intelligence agencies.”

He gave his son “complete” control of the business.

Donald Trump once said that he gave his adult sons Don Jr and Eric officially the “complete and complete” control of the business empire when he entered the White House. “Don and Eric’s two sons will run the company and they will operate it in a very professional way,” the president-elect said in a press conference, “they will not discuss with me.”

Trump said, “I signed a document that gives my son complete and complete control.”

Mexico will repay the US at border wall costs. Donald Trump vowed to set up a wall plan for the southern US border after his inauguration, and Mexico said it would pay the cost to the United States.
“We can wait a year and a half until we have a deal with Mexico,” Trump said at a news conference. “We will start right away as soon as we start work, but I do not want to wait.”
“We will begin to build buildings,” he added. “Mexico has some form – in a variety of forms – will compensate us and compensate us for the cost of the wall,” he added.

“It will be, whether it’s a tax or a paycheck.”

Trump warns that US companies are moving jobs overseas and selecting pharmaceutical companies.
At a press conference, Trump has selected the pharmaceutical industry to attack US companies that offer jobs overseas, raise drug prices and manufacture overseas.
Trump said the transfer of US production plants to the United States was “committing murder” and that imports into the United States would be subject to huge taxes.
“There will be a major border tax that runs away and kills these companies,” he said at his first press conference.
“When you want to move the factory to Mexico or elsewhere, and you want to fire all the workers in Michigan and Ohio and everywhere I’ve won, that’s the reason,” he said.

You will pay a very large border tax

Pharmaceutical stocks plummeted as Trump plundered the large pharmaceutical industry, warning that it would cut prices by restructuring the process for drug tender.
“Pharma and Pharma have a lot of lobbying, lots of lobbyists and a lot of power,” he said. He is building the industry with the goal of frequently attacking the industry since the November elections, including the automotive and aerospace industries.
“Our drug industry is a disaster, they are left and right, they supply our drugs, but they do not make them up to here,” Trump said.
“Another thing we have to do to cope with high prices is to create a new bidding process for the pharmaceutical industry,” he said. The United States is “the biggest drug buyer in the world,” but he does not bid properly, he said.
“We will save billions of dollars as bidding procedures that he did not specify change,” he said. Trump acknowledged that automakers Ford and Fiat-Chrysler had announced plans to increase their investment in the United States and that Ford had canceled a $ 1.6 billion plant in Mexico. did.

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