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Media Girds for Battle With Donald Trump in White House

Media girds for battle with Donald Trump in White House washington

Media Girds for Battle With Donald Trump in White House
Washington: Media Girds for Battle With Donald Trump in White House and the media are digging into what could be an old and bitter war. The presidential election trump, with many campaigns in dialogue with the mainstream media, is predicting attacks and media companies are considered a threatening campaign. The day before moving to the White House, Trump blamed what he called “very dishonest media” as “the only way” in an interview with Fox News. Although many US presidents have a close relationship with the press, Trump has long forged a violent relationship with the media as a malicious message and a key element of the message.
Journalists and media analysts expect the White House effort to submit an aggressive news outlet while the two sides are fighting to define an open narrative.
Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan suspects Trump will “punish journalists for work” and that his administration will “get involved in the investigation and prosecution of journalists. Trump appears to have started an armistice with his New York Times every day after the election with the New York Times. And he has a good relationship with some outlets like the far right Breitbart News.
But he is suffering a riot for other news organizations. On Wednesday, Trump aimed for NBC News, saying he did not deserve recognition for job creation announcements from big companies like Ford, General Motors and Lockheed Martin.
At the first and only press conference since the election, Trump has decided to publish an unconfirmed report that shows that BuzzFeed News has not compromised controversial Russian information. Trump described the website as a “pile of garbage” and said, “You will experience the consequences.”
At the same January 11 press conference he apparently clashed with CNN. CNN did not elaborate on the same story and denied the White House correspondent in the cable industry the question, “You are fake news.”

Keep us honest Matt Gertz, a senior researcher at left-wing watchdog group Media Mattters for America.

Trump said also showed how to handle the media in an incident. “We justify the news contest that provides important coverage, oppose each other, publicly receive compensation from Pro Trump sources, and encourage others to lead,” Goetz said in a blog.
Thomas Burr, president of the National Press Club, has warned the public that Trump’s use of the “fake news” tag may disfigure his dislikes, “which can trigger dangerous contempt for journalists.”
The Trump team has already announced that the day-to-day briefing can be a thing of the past and evacuation from the West Wing of the White House, and that it will not do business as usual with the media.
President Obama expressed his support for the free and intense media in his last press conference during his two terms on Wednesday. “You should not be intimidating, you are in doubt,” he told the assembly reporters. “And what’s in this building has made this job better, it makes us honest and makes it work harder.”
Theater Lucy Dalglish, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland, was unsurprised by Trump’s press conference explosion. “It’s his style, and we’ll see more,” she said. The media and the public have warned of the danger of being distracted by “play” in more important policy questions.
However, media groups have warned against any attempt to intimidate since the majority of American editorial committees have campaigned against Trump.
Kyle Pope of Columbia Journalism Review writes in a blog aimed at Trump that he “has all the right to determine the basic principles of contact with the media,” but provides the best service to readers, listeners and viewers I decided how to do it. “
The New York Times announced this year that it invested $ 5 million in the administration that came this week, “making it a top priority, aggressively, fairly, and reluctantly.”

Some believe that the Trump we made you free

Some believe that the Trump administration’s hostility to the media can cause positive side effects. Encourage the media to play a role in investigating power. People find it necessary to do real shoe leather journalism,” says Joel Kaplan, a journalism scholar at Syracuse University.
TalkingPointsMemo’s editor and publisher, Josh Marshall, says fear for the campaign of blackmail and punishment is excessive. “America is not Russia, and I do not think he can turn us into Russia,” he wrote. “Journalists must be ignorant, aggressive, and humorous until something can not do so.
Politico media producer Jack Shafer said, “We should start to treat Trump Washington like a war zone, and when there is a conflict, there is a conflict, which prevents it from gathering credible information on the battlefield. Shafer writes, “Trump freed us in his own way.
posted on January 20, 2017

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