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Meryl Streep Remembers Carrie Fisher in her Speech at The Golden Globes

Meryl Streep slams Trump and remembers Carrie Fisher in her speech at the Golden Globes

Meryl Streep won the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 74th Annual Golden Globes. What did the veteran actor do when he accepted this award? Talk to Trump about the privileges of Hollywood and remember Carrie Fisher.
When Sophie Choossta came onstage, she did not shy away from her political views and called on the president of the United States to mock the handicapped.

Her speech at the Golden Globes


Dame Streep began his speech as a joke about the Trump. “You have to forgive me, I lost my voice in screams and sorrows this weekend, and I lost my mind someday.”
In her address to Hugh Laurie, she came to hear what Hugh Laurie said, and you and all of us in this room are now among the most miserable parts of American society: Hollywood, Sir. ” She reminded the audience how Hollywood is being threatened by Trump’s alien abstinence ideology.

Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy, where Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, where is the birth certificate?

Same Dame Streep, “Who are we, and what is Hollywood anyway? It’s just a bunch of people from other places.” I was born and raised in New Jersey public schools and was educated. Viola was born in South Carolina’s Small Works. Sarah Paulson, born in Central Falls, Rhode Island, was born in Florida, where her mother was raised in Brooklyn. Sarah Jessica Parker was one of seven or eight children in Ohio, and Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy. He was born in Jerusalem. Where is the birth certificate? Beautiful Ruth Negga was born in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she grew up in London. It is unbelievable in Ireland, and it is said that she played a girl in a small town in Virginia. Ryan Gosling is a Canadian, Dev Patel is born in Kenya, grew up in London and is playing with an Indian grown up in Tasmania.
What she is saying is, “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we can kick it out, we will not have to see mixed martial arts, not art, not football,” he said.
“The actor’s only mission is to get into the lives of ourselves and others and to feel that feeling,” she said. And this year there were many, many, many powerful performances. That was exactly what it was. Exciting and compassionate. “

After this introduction, she wants to talk about what she really wants to say, the President’s behavior, especially the mockery of the disabled.

“But there was a delay this year and I fainted,” Strip said. “It was not a good thing, it was not a good thing, but it was effective and worked, showing the laughter of the intended audience and showing teeth.” The person who asked to sit in the most respected seat in our country, It was a moment when he imitated the reporter, who was privileged by his privilege, power, and ability to fight back.
“When I did not see a movie, my heart was torn, and I could not get it out of my head because it was not from a movie, it was real life, and it was a humiliating instinct when someone made a model. It gives us permission to do so, so it gets filtered into everyone’s life by someone powerful on the public platform. “
She added, “When I saw it, my heart was torn, and because I was not in the movie, I still could not get it out of my head, it was real life, and this humiliating instinct gives me the power to do the same It is modeled by someone on the public platform, modeled by powerful people, and filtered by the lives of everyone. Rude people are rude and violence is violence.
As Streep said, “We need a principled press with the power to call him on the carpet for every rage,” says Streep. “That’s why the founders are in the press and freedom in the Constitution. We need to support journalists and everyone in the community to support the journalists’ protection committee because we need to protect the journalists, the truth. “
This is not all. Streep pointed out how Hollywood recognizes his privilege. She said, “For example, once, I was wondering about what I was doing sometime when I was hanging around, and I knew we would work for dinner or for a long time, and Tommy Lee Jones told me” ? That privilege, Merrill, is it just being an actor? “Yes, yes, and we must remind each other of the privileges and responsibilities of empathy, and we should be proud of our Hollywood honors tonight.” She gave a hearty compliment to Carrie Fisher . “As a friend, my dear Princess Leia once said to me,” Make it an art with your broken heart. “Dame Meryl Streep received applause from Ho Chan with an excellent speech. Some did not admit to reflecting her politics vividly into the incident, but many praised her for not using her as a shame and using the stage for a larger purpose.

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