Nisar Set to Challenge Carnage Report Quetta

Nisar set to challenge findings of Quetta carnage report

Nisar set to challenge source

Home Secretary Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will dispute the findings of the Quetta Commission report, DawnNews learned on Tuesday. A Nisar set to challenge carnage report Quetta source at the National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta) told DawnNews that it would release a "response" and "assertion" to the Supreme Court in response to a report investigating the Quetta civic hospital massacre.

The Nisar set to challenge source said Nacta's response to the report was passed on to Nisar. "A high-ranking camel official said, We hope to send a response to the Supreme Court within one to two days. The interior minister, who is the petitioner for this case, will be represented by a lawyer in Makhdoom Ali Khan in frontal court.

An Nacta official said in an interview with DawnNews that he had asked for anonymity, the Home Secretary advised him not to challenge the Supreme Court's report.

"But he urged the interior minister to prepare a strong debate in response to a firm argument.

On August 8, 2016, at least 74 people were killed and scores were injured when a suicide bomber targeted an emergency services ward at a public hospital in Quetta. According to a judicial commission report, including Supreme Court judge Kazze Faez Isa, the cabinet minister criticized meeting with representatives of prohibited groups and listening to their demands.

At a press conference in December 2016, Nisar insisted that "people are talking about the report in relation to it," but made it clear and bring the other side of the story forward. He also said he was "stuck in the beach" about his political and personal behavior and said he would face the upcoming criticism.

Key recommendations for the Quetta query report

  • The national action plan should be drawn up with a clear plan, a comprehensive monitoring mechanism and a periodic review with appropriate planning.
  • Nacta (National Counter Terrorism Authority) must be activated. You must do so as directed by the Nacta Act.
  • Public spaces must be regenerated to prevent terrorist propaganda. The law and the constitution must be readjusted and the state must reissue itself.
  • It is necessary to enforce anti-terrorism laws and prohibit terrorist / terrorist organizations without delay.
  • The federal and Balochistan governments should develop and maintain a database of information on abusive crime and terrorist organizations or as perpetrators / suspects.
  • Forensic laboratories must be under the jurisdiction of the scientist, not the police jurisdiction. Results / tests should be uploaded to the central databank and easily accessed by all states.
  • All crime scenes must be acquired professionally, taken forensic examinations and taken extensively as soon as possible.
  • Protocols or standard operating procedures should be developed with the help of specialists.
  • The disadvantages of the hospital, the Balochistan government and the police should be resolved and removed.
  • All educational institutions, including madaris, must be enrolled.
  • Entry and departure of Pakistan should be properly monitored. Everyone must have the required documents.
  • Customs authorities should ensure that smuggled goods are not brought into the country.
  • If the media broadcasts and communicates the opinions of terrorists, they should be prosecuted by law.
  • The amount of compensation for the legal heirs and injured of the deceased must be distributed promptly.

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