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No Replacement for Misbah Says Miandad

No replacement for misbah says miandad

No replacement for misbah says miandad
Former Pakistani great Javed Miandad has blamed the country’s weak domestic cricket structure for failing to find a substitute for the 42-year-old test captain, Misbah-ul-Haq. Misbah has been the most successful test captain in Pakistan and has lost 18 games in 24 matches with 53 wins. Australia lost 3-0 to Australia after being defeated in the 220th game in Sydney.
Misbah had 4, 5, 11, 0, 18, and 38 points in six test innings in Australia, though he was a Pakistani striker in the last six years and critics told him it was time to leave.
“The problem is that we do not have anyone to replace Mizuba,” Myanmar spokesman said in an AP interview. “This shows how our cricketing structure is weak.”

Miandad believes that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not think about succession.

“We have systems all over the world and players are coming and going, but unfortunately we have not adopted such a system,” Mianard said. “Why are we asking now to leave Mizba? Are we prepared to take over? Unfortunately, the answer is no, and now it is up to Mizba to decide for himself when he wants to finish.”
When Pakistan lost its second test in Melbourne, there was a strong speculation that Misbah would retire before the third test. However, Misbah led the team in Sydney and did not even plan to quit testing cricket after Saturday’s defeat.
The next international assignment in Pakistan is to travel the West Indies after organizing the twenty-twenty domestic leagues in the UAE in March. Myanmar spokesman said: “This is an unfortunate part of Pakistani cricket.” Misbah knows that no one can lead the test side. So he has not set his mind yet. “Recently Shaharyar Khan PCB chairman admitted that people other than Misbah can not be seen in the short term. Sydney ‘s defeat is Pakistan’ s 12th consecutive loss to Australia back in 1999.

Miandad said he needed special skills and skills to run in Australia.

“Unfortunately, we do not have such a player,” Miyadh said. “An aggressive cricket game is the key to success in Australia and we were too defensive in our approach to hitting, bowling and defending.”
Ramiz Raja, Wasim asks Misbah to retire. Former Pakistani cricket heavyweights asked Misbah-ul-Haq for his prominent career, criticizing Misbah-ul-Haq 3-0 on Australia for his poor hitting and uninspired claim.
The oldest current international cricket player, the 42-year-old Misbah, ended the miserable series in Saturday’s third and final test in Sydney, defeating 220 points. His final score accounted for half of his entire run-tally (76 points). .

Pakistan has been a 3-0 winner in white watt since 1999, and the twelfth consecutive defeat.

After defeat, Mizba said he will have time to decide the future ahead of the announcement that he will quit after losing his second match last week. However, former captain assertor Ramiz Raja says Mizuba is on the move. “I am Mizuba’s time,” he said in an interview with AFP. “All sportsmen go through this stage and Captain Misbah has plenty of time to go on.
“I think the captain can do his best for up to five years. “After that, he knows about his strategy, and Mizba has sent it in a glorious way,” he added. “He played his innings well to become the most successful captain in Pakistan.”
Raja, former chief executive of the Patrick Cricket Board, added that Mizuba’s claims would be even worse in the series because of the bizarre site layout and lack of inspiration for his charges.
“I thought Misbah was disappointed with his bowling and his field placement was not accurate,” he said. Pakistan’s Trump Card Bridge revolver Yasir Shah took only eight wickets from the series and played 672 games in three consecutive games.

The words of Raja were echoed by the former guard, Wasim Akram.

“It was not my phone, but if I had been in his place, I would have stopped at this point,” he told AFP. “I lost 3-0 in Australia in 1999, but despite the fact that I fought hard in the first two tests, I was defeated, but the result is a loss.
Wasim said Pakistan ‘s legendary test – taker and 39 – year – old veteran prospect Younis Khan finally extended his career by scoring a big score of 175 points in the final game of the series. “I thought younis had to go before the third test, but he was good at batting and could play longer,” he said.

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