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SC to Conduct Panamagate Hearings

SC to conduct Panamagate hearings on daily basis

SC to Conduct Panamagate Hearings
The Supreme Court’s large committee SC to Conduct Panamagate hearings daily resuming a trial on Wednesday’s Panama courts, decided that a hearing on the case would be held on a daily basis. The court, chaired by judge Asif Saeed Khosa, chaired by a newly appointed Pakistani Supreme Court Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, has decided that the court will no longer allow unnecessary closure.

“We will not leave anything,” judge Khosa said.

Pakistan’s Teheri-E-Nafes (PTI) presented his argument by arguing that Nawas Sharif had misled his lawmakers in a speech about the assets he delivered at the National Assembly earlier this year following Pakistan’s Nuri .
Bokhari said that the chief minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, brother of PM Nawaz, has conducted the transaction outside of London. Although Shahbaz Sharif’s financial deal was also considered to be included in the case, the court reminded CM Punjab that it was not involved in the case.
The court ordered Bhhari to prove whether it was Hussain Nawaz (son of PM Nawaz), owner of a particular offshore company that he bought before 2006. Naeem claimed that Park Lane 16 and 16a were bought in 1995 at 75,000 pounds.
Judge Khosa said that the London apartment was owned by the Al Thani family prior to the Sharif family’s purchase, which was confirmed in a Qatar letter from a front court last November. He added that no records were presented in court to show that the Al Thani family owned the apartment.
The judge ordered the defenders of PTI to confirm the funding source for Park Lane apartments. He observed that three different money trails were presented in the front court for the purchase of apartments. The first view suggests that the funds were moved from Qatar to Dubai. The second means that it was transferred from Jeddah to Dubai. The third point implies that the funds were supplied from Qatar to London.

He encouraged him to set up a single trail of money.

The Qatar letter said that the Park Lane Apartments in London were purchased by Mian Sharif, the father of PM Nawaz in 1980. The document was purchased by the sale of the Dubai steel mill. Regarding this transaction, Judge Khosa rhetorically told Bhahli, “Have you invested billions of dollars between 1980 and 2006?”
Bokhari responded by claiming that PM Nawaz had conducted a Benami deal in Dubai. He told the court that 10% of the profits earned from selling the Dubai steel mill were given to the Dubai government.
At the hearing, the court expressed anger over politicians talking to the media. Political leaders were asked not to make the front court a “political battleground”.

Change of attorney

On the eve of the Panamagate case hearing resumed on Tuesday, PM Nawaz, his children and son-in-law defended the attorney, and legal experts believe it is the way to extend the proceedings. The change in the entire legal team is believed to reflect the nerves of the ruling class because they were not satisfied with the former team.
Mamam Nawaz and her husband represent Shahid Hamid’s spokesperson instead of Mohammad Akram Sheikh on behalf of Mohammad Safdar, while Mahmoud Nawaz and her husband represent Mahmoud Safdar, Ali Khan) is an assistant lawyer, Salman Aslam Butt,

Salman Akram Raja’s attorney appears on behalf of Prime Minister Hussain Nawaz.

This is the second time that the representative’s attorney has changed. In November, PTI’s Howid Khan lawyer was replaced by an archbishop, Neeem Bhhari, after he was dismissed from the case.
The newly hired lawyers in the Nawaz family are expected to spend more time getting used to the many documents submitted to the courts. This development has sparked opposition from the PTI. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, vice president, asked for a hearing on the day of the controversy. He argued that the change of the legal team by the Sharif family had enough time since the incident was postponed on December 9, but it was an excuse to get more time.

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