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The Necessary Art of Saying no to Hatred

In Necessary Art of Saying world of uncertainty, a few things are certain.

Necessary Art of Saying
We know that we will ride roller coaster for the next year. We expected something unexpected, and polls and experts thought it would once again be wrong to predict election results for the Netherlands, France and Germany. And there will be more poison, racism and hatred of refugees, migrants and ethnic minorities around the world. Unfortunately, the United States and Europe will be leading.
President-elect Donald Trump and Far Right populists in Europe have already made Muslims a favorite sport. Their anti-Muslims have surprisingly provoked hate crimes and online hate speech against Muslims, immigrants and refugees.
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate crimes, more than 1,750 unique semi-Islamic photographs and memes were distributed in the next month of the Trump Election. Anti.. Muslims told foreign leaders such as Angela Merkel and Sadiq Khan Mayor that “others have apparently attempted to make Islam and Muslims malicious.”
It will get worse. Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and FraukePetry, who are looking for more headlines and voters in French, Dutch and German polls, hate anti-Muslims in Europe There will be no work.
Anti-Semitic attacks and tweets are also on the rise. The Anti-Defamation League says there are 2.6 million tweets in the US presidential election from August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016, which includes “languages that are common in anti-Semitic speeches.” At least 800 journalists received Antithem tweeters.
European immigrants and refugees are using poison. “The arrival of a large number of asylum seekers and immigrants has contributed to public expression of racism, xenophobia and intolerance since 2015, with opposition to terrorist attacks in many EU member states In an open discourse.
Social media, of course, made hate crime and agitation hateful. As the European Union’s human rights watchdog warned, “A statement posted online can be virtually viral, so it can not be challenged and completely eliminated.”

Now is the time to practice the art of opposed to spreading hatred.

It would not be easy. At the moment of Twitter feed we have become accustomed to the postwar truth world of fraud politicians. Truth, rituals and facts are out. There are lies, insults, and dishonesty. Bullying and hatred are “new summit”.
But it will be difficult if progress is difficult. Many organizations and individuals are encouraged. At three high-level meetings in January, we will explore ways to deal with various aspects of “hate games.”
The EU, Canada, the United States and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are on hand to organize a high-level forum in New York, United Nations, to deal with anti-Muslim discrimination and hatred on January 17th.
Following a similar meeting with anti – Semitism last year, the United Nations Forum will review government policies that seek new narratives to combat anti – Muslim hatred, emphasize the importance of unity, and promote pluralism and inclusion.
According to the Euromed Migration program of the European Union (EU) presidency, as of January 25, the European Commission has a negative recognition through a evidence-based, future-oriented and balanced narrative .
A day later, the European External Action Service and the UN Alliance of Civilizations will look at how migrants’ voices and experiences are structured in a migration discussion. Focus is on increasing the quality of immigrant media coverage, promoting ethical journalism, building partnerships between the media and civil society, and preventing hate speech on the Internet.
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft signed the European Code of Conduct last May to prevent the spread of illegal hatred. They must do as promised. And “ordinary people” are better aware of the need to take action. Joshua Silver, a professor of physics at the University of Oxford, complained about the company’s hiring of foreign workers, a complaint about Amber Rudd’s speech in Britain officially recorded as a police hate.
As Silver Professor explained, it is not enough to ignore people who turn deaf or hate. It is time of action. This is because governments are enforcing their laws against discrimination and racial discrimination, political actors are taken to hate xenophobia and hatred march, the media will question racism, stop false information, press on ethnic minorities It means to apply.
Civil society plays a key role in preventing all forms of discrimination and building interreligious and ethnic solidarity to help create a positive narrative of society based on pluralism, diversity and inclusion. Hatred and discrimination can only happen to “them”. However, the whole society and democracy suffer when foreigner hatred is the mainstream and politicians are charged with harassing the vulnerable.

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