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US to Incentivise Pakistan’s Cooperation

US to incentivise Pakistan’s cooperation says Mattis

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said the Trump administration would provide incentives for Pakistan to work with the United States on important issues. At a confirmed hearing at the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday afternoon, Mattis stressed the need to maintain ties with Pakistan and demanded more work to eradicate terrorism in the region.

US Defense Secretary James Mattis Appointed

“If I am confirmed, I will encourage Pakistan’s cooperation on matters of importance to our national interests and regional security, focusing on the need for Pakistan to expel or neutralize an outside-centered armed group working within the borders with the State Department and Congress “Mattis said to the committee in answer to the question.
Mattis, retired from the US Marines in 2013, has a long history of serving as commander of the US Central Command for the first time in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
See: Trump picky for military secy Gen James Mattis – ‘Mad Dog’ with a large library. He was known in the army as “Mad Dog Mattis” for his aggressive style, but he was widely respected as a brave officer. The general opinion on Pakistan indicates that the incoming Trump Administration will continue its existing US policy toward the United States.
Mattis said he praised Pakistan for its actions against terrorist groups, but said it would aim to target groups targeting neighbors more effectively.
As often expressed by Obama administration officials, the next Defense Secretary still complained that Afghan Taliban groups are using Pakistan’s tribal areas to tackle Afghanistan. “The sanctuary and freedom for the Taliban in Afghanistan and the network of related militant groups in the Pakistani territory are the major operational challenges facing Afghan security forces,” he said.
Mathis said that efforts to deny sanctity to extremists would undermine Afghanistan’s security and security if confirmed. He pointed out that the United States and the Pakistani military had a long relationship and needed reconstruction.

Our relationship with Pakistan

Including our military and military ties, has been at its peak and the lowest, and we have long been confronted with a lack of confidence in the military and government of Pakistan for our goals in this area. I will try to build the trust I need for an effective partnership, “he told the Senate committee. The United States has conducted military exercises with Pakistan to boost thrust and interoperability, he added.
Mattis said in his dealings with the Taliban that “because Pakistan has caused violence,” he learned a hard lesson in his dealings with the Taliban. “I think they should do more to work with their neighbors, and we must urge Pakistan to take further action on the Taliban and Harkkani networks,” he added.
Claiming that the countries in the region are responsible for supporting the reconciliation process in Afghanistan, Mattis said that neighboring countries should “increase pressure on the Taliban and its network of militant groups” to stop the violence.
He praised Pakistan’s efforts to fight “internally intensive” fighters. Pakistani military authorities have said that Pakistan has made such a pledge, saying that Pakistan has suffered considerable casualties in its campaign against the rebels, and said that Pakistan will help defeat these militants.
Mattis talks about his relationship with China and will not use phrases such as “balance” or “pivot,” which suggests that he is running away from its promises elsewhere. “But China ‘s actions have led to countries in the region looking for stronger US leadership, he said.” If confirmed, we will look for ways to strengthen our allies and allies, and we will carefully review the military capabilities of the region.
Mattis pledged to continue to maintain a policy of strengthening long-term strategic ties with India based on the Obama administration’s convergence of mutual interests and democratic values.

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