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US Veteran Arrested in Airport Shooting

US veteran arrested in airport shooting family says ‘lost his mind’ after Iraq tour

US Veteran Arrested in Airport Shooting
When a US Army veteran who complained that the government controls his mind was pulled out of his baggage when he arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport on Friday, US veteran arrested in airport five people were killed and eight injured on Friday in a baggage claim area, government officials said. One eyewitness said he was thrown in fear after throwing his fear and hiding the eagle spreading on the ground.
The gunman was identified as Esteban Santiago, 26, of Anchorage, Alaska, and worked at the National Guard in Iraq, but was downgraded last year and was unsatisfied. His brother said he was recently undergoing psychological treatment.

History of mental health

According to Guardian spokesman Paul Dahlen, Santiago was deployed in 2010 as a member of the Puerto Rico National Guard and spent a year with the engineering battalion. He later joined the Alaskan National Guard. A law enforcement official told the Associated Press that Santiago had walked from Anchorage to the FBI office in November 2016, saying that the US government controls his mind and sees him in an Islamic country video.
In November 2016, Esteban told the FBI agents in Alaska that the government is in control of his mind and forced him to watch a video of a Muslim country group, the Justice Department said.

The official has no right to pursue an investigation with anonymity.

The FBI agents notified the police after an interview with Santiago that he had taken him for mental health evaluation.
Santiago’s brother, Bryan, told The Associated Press that his brother was receiving psychological treatment in Alaska. He said Santiago ‘s girlfriend had informed the family about the situation in recent months. Brian Santiago said he did not know what his brother had been treated for and never told him about it.
“Santiago’s uncle Hernan Rivera said,” What I can tell you was when he came out of Iraq when he was not feeling well. “
Since returning from Iraq, Santiago has worked in the Army Reserve and the Alaska National Guard in Anchorage. He was working as a combat engineer at the guard before announcing “unsatisfactory performance,” spokesman Candis Olmstead said. His retirement army rank was E3, first class, and one more month of training every 15 days, Olmstead said.
Santiago has been on AWOL several times with the Alexandra Guard. He was downgraded to a private first degree in the profession and received a general discharge lower than the honorary retirement, he added.

Research on ‘terrorism’ or ‘mental health problems’?

Before the details of the shooting and the mental health of Santiago were released, Florida State Senator Bill Nelson insisted that it be confirmed whether it was terrorist or mentally weakened.
President Fatigue pointed out that many states’ officials are not ruling out terrorism. “We are looking at every angle, including the angle of terrorism,” he said. The federal state of detention, Santiago, is due to appear in federal court on Monday and is expected to appear in court.

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